Cancer Cure (gomutra)

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Today many AIDS patients are taking cow urine therapy. People who were suffering with migraine and headache for the past 15 years have recovered within six months of taking this therapy. Whether it is the question of relieving tension or improving the memory power. In the past few years the Cow Urine Treatment and Research Center, Indore has treated one and half lakhs of people. Out of the total patients 85 to 90 percent were patients of constipation there is an old saying that if the stomach is clean half of the diseases get cured automatically. It is natural Anti-septic, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-allergic and it is called Sanjeevani. It is the key to treat infectious disease, provides longevity and removes all blood disorders, oral disorders, eye disorders, mental and physical disorders, act as anti-cancer agent and excellent elixir.

Consume 15ml Cow's urine by adding 50ml of water early in the morning (empty stomach) and evening. Due to the consumption of Cow's urine if diarrhea occurs, no need to worry. It is the good symptom. Consume fewer amounts in the beginning and then slowly raise the amount of dosage. or as directed by the physician.

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